With the exploding growth of the A2P messaging market and the need for cross-platform messaging becoming a mandate, telecom operators are faced with the challenge of rapidly scaling network capacities – big-ticket investments with long lead times.

Are you facing issues with on-demand scalability?
Are you struggling with long deployment cycles?
Are you troubled with interoperability issues between different networks?
If ‘Yes’, it’s time you explore a next-gen messaging solution that solves all your pain points

Messager II

Messager II is a comprehensive messaging solution for every network type,
leading you on the path to RCS, offering the smallest footprint in the industry.


On-demand scalability – increase or decrease TPS based on your business needs upto 50000 TPS


Self-configurability – Install and configure and administer the platfrom yourself with remote installation support


Ubiquitous delivery across 3G, 4G/LTE, IoT and M2M


Pay as you grow without capital lock-in –
pay for capacity on an annual basis

One-stop solution for all your text-based
communication requirements.

Supporting traditional signaling, Diameter/SIP signaling, SMPP/HTTP interfaces and ZigBee interfaces.
It supports multi-tenancy thereby enabling a central deployment for distributed networks for different networks.

Our innovative messaging solutions have a proven track record of performance and reliability with more than 150 licensed solutions deployed for complex networks worldwide over the past decade. Our wholesome messaging suite not only addresses scaling on demand, enables messaging across generations of telecom architecture but also ensures the smallest footprint.

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